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I develop locally because it’s faster, safer, and overall more productive. I recently went from a screaming fast desktop to a plain jane laptop and noticed a substantial slowdown in the way Chrome loads up, XAMPP (DesktopServer) page reloads, and overall laptop speed. I was literally about to trash the thing and move over to a Mac. Until, I Googled for awhile and found a gem.

If you are experiencing slowness while using XAMPP, MySQL, PHP and/or DesktopServer while using Windows 8 please do yourself a favor and read thoroughly this post: Apache, PHP, MySQL slow under Windows 8. How to fix.



This Post is a Gem

If you don’t want to read through the entire post here’s the fix that worked for me:

  1. Goto Windows 8’s Power Plan settings
  2. Change your Power Plan Settings to “High Performance” windows8-high-performance-power-plan
  3. Click “Change plan settings” and click “Change advanced power settings” and change “Minimum Processor State” to the settings below:windows8-high-performance-power-plan2

Applying these three simple steps sped up my system to incredibly noticeable speeds.

Hopefully you’ll see very similar results. Good luck!

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