During development of version 1.8 of our WordImpress extension Quick Checkout I noticed a semi-bug in WooCommerce that was a simple, but important fix.

WooCommerce Pull Request Explanation

The issue has to do with dynamically replacing the “Country Select” field within the checkout. WooCommerce 2.3 is using Select2 in place of chosen and the was they were implementing the enhanced dropdowns was using the jQuery .change() method. What I did was remove the .change() method with .on(‘change’) so that if the field is ever replaced with AJAX then the field would still work as expected.

Even though my line of code is only one line it’s very important for how our Quick Checkout works with the WooCommerce¬†2.3 release.

What I Learned in this Process

In the past, I would have tried (often for hours) to develop a workaround rather than fix the root cause of the issue. From now on I’ll be sure to submit a pull request or reach out to the developers. If the developer is active with their code they should be able to review the request and

View the pull request here.

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