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The following values allow you to grab useful information about the page you’re viewing such as the current page’s pathname or url.

Complete List of Document Values

self.location.hash       //Sets or retrieves the subsection of the href property that follows the number sign (#).       //Sets or retrieves the hostname and port number of the location or URL. 
self.location.hostname   //Sets or retrieves the host name part of the location or URL.  
self.location.href       //Sets or retrieves the entire URL as a string.  
self.location.pathname   //Sets or retrieves the path and file name associated with a URL.  
self.location.port       //Sets or retrieves the port number associated with a URL. 
self.location.protocol   //Sets or retrieves the protocol portion of a URL.     //Sets or retrieves the substring of the href property that follows the question mark

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