WordCamp Europe 2022

It’s finally that time again. In-person WordCamp’s are back! I’m proud to announce that this June I’ll be speaking on a panel at WCEU in Porto, Portugal about WordPress acquisitions.

About WordCamp Europe 2022

This is the first in-person WCEU since the pandemic began. Last year’s organizers attempted to have the conference in-person but had to resort to an online only event for safety reasons. Now with the pandemic waning safely enough for community members to meet safely, it’s in person. 🎉

Panel: WordCamp Acquisitions

Having recently sold my company, I’ve learned quite a bit about what it’s like to sell your business from a seller’s perspective. It’s been almost a year since my business was acquired, and since then I’ve also had the opportunity to learn more about the process from the buyer’s perspective through the acquisition of LearnDash by Liquid Web.

I think having both perspectives makes me the perfect addition to the panel. Also on the panel will be additional folks from the WordPress plugin, agency, and theme markets who have experience buying and selling.

A much needed vacation

I haven’t taken a real vacation in awhile. This last year has been mostly working on the business and working on my house. Now that both are in good shape, I figured why not kill two birds with one stone?

I’m excited to be taking a vacation with my girlfriend to Dublin and Amsterdam before WCEU. We’ll spend a few days in each location before heading to Porto for the conference.

Are you going to WordCamp Europe 2022? Let’s meet up!

If you’re planning on going to WordCamp, let’s chat! There will be plenty of time to network, and the hallway track is always open during the camp.

Drop me a line and let’s chat. Nexcess (hosting company owned by Liquid Web) is sponsoring so I’ll likely be hanging out at the booth.

See you in Europe! ✈️

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