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How to Install LiveReload 2 on PC

Posted on Aug 19, 2012 in Coding, Web Development | No Comments

If you want to save time on you development workflow then LiveReload 2 is a great tool for you to use. It allows you to work more freely from your browser without having to manually refresh every time you make a code change. Here is a screencast on how to install LiveReload 2 on PC:

How to Install in a LiveReload 2 on PC in a Nutshell

1. Download the LiveReload 2 Application for PC here.

2. Download the Chrome (or Safari/Firefox) Extension Here.

3. Add Your Project folder to LiveReload 2 Application (as seen in video above).

4. Start LiveReload Browser extension to watch site of choice (working on localhost).

Enjoy code changes without having to refresh. In PHPStorm and Sublime Text 2 I have been able to just CTRL + S and my browser reloads with my updates nearly instantly. It’s so nice not having to refresh manually and keeps me more focused which ultimately speeds up my production.

I hope you enjoyed the video and post, please comment below if you have any questions or comments!