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Co-Hosting the Matt Report Season 2

Posted on Aug 5, 2015 in Life & Travel, WordPress | No Comments

Matt Medeiros is well known in the WordPress community for a variety of reasons one of which is his excellent podcast the Matt Report. On Season 1 of his show interviews some of WordPress’ top brass including Matt Mullenweg, Pippin Williamson, Syed Balkhi to name a few. His show has seventy or so 5 star reviews on iTunes and has become one of the more well known community podcasts. Recently, he came to me and asked me to co-host his show for Season 2 and I accepted.

Sharing Business Building Experiences

Matt and I are in very similar situations balancing products and services. This season we’ll be sharing our adventures in building a WordPress product based business.

Listen to the first episode titled Using Facebook Ads to Grow a List and a New Co-Host.