Devin Walker is a San Diego based entrepreneur, developer and designer.

Web Development Time Lapse #2: PureHOPE

Posted on Nov 8, 2012 in Web Development, WordPress | No Comments

Developing websites it a lot of fun for me. It’s my job and I love when an awesome new project comes my way. On this website: PureHOPE – you will see me develop the homepage from a Photoshop concept. Please note: All credits for this web design and development go to The Sound Press which is the awesome agency that provides me so much great work

This video is a little more lengthy than other time lapse videos, but the level of detail you will see required that additional time.

Development Tools: PHPStorm 5, XAMPP, LiveReload 2, Roots Theme Framework, Twitter Bootstrap, HTML5 Boilerplate

  • Languages: HTM5, CSS3, JS, jQuery, PHP
  • Developer: Devin Walker (me)
  • Elapsed Time: 6.5 hours