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Google Sunsets iGoogle Personalized Homepage, Disappoints the Masses

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iGoogle is Google’s AJAX-based personal web portal where users can choose from a variety of ‘Gadgets’ to customize their startpage. I’ve really enjoyed this service. I have my stock quotes, time and weather, espn and news top stories and gmail all on one screen.

iGoogle Retiring

Google: Why are you retiring iGoogle?

With modern apps that run on platforms like Chrome and Android, the need for something like iGoogle has eroded over time, so we’ll be winding down iGoogle


Is there a comparable alternative to iGoogle?

In the same Google response statement as the quote above came from Google states that a number of their apps can act as alternatives to iGoogle. Namely Google Play and Chrome. In actuality, this isn’t a real alternative to iGoogle. Why? Because now I have to go to a number of different applications to ingest the same information I could with my iGoogle dashboard.

Google Bye App Awesomeness

There are literally thousands of apps or ‘Gadgets’ on iGoogle. It’s a shame that after Nov. 2013 they will all be killed. Check out the extensive Gadget directory for iGoogle.

As a developer, I would be very upset that all my hard work is being thrown out. After browsing the Gadget directory for only a few minutes I saw some really killer applications that should be kept alive.

The Community Response

Many people are flabbergasted by Google’s decision. Some are upset, others confused but many want Google to continue to develop and improve iGoogle rather than scrap it.

View the main Google Group discussion on this topic: Update on iGoogle

An overwhelming number of responses are negative:

Just adding my plea to please not shut it down. iGoogle is my homepage and is where I get ALL my news, and is my launch point for almost everything I do on the web, all day, every day.

– rhousedorf

Nice, get rid of the ONE thing I use daily… Good thinking, Google, I love it. What a bunch of dummies.

– scarface101

… I actually couldn’t find one positive comment in the discussion. If you find one let me know.

Negative iGoogle Comments

Google’s Move to Push the App Store…Play?

There’s many accusations in the discussion Group that this is Google’s move to kill the distracting and free iGoogle in hopes that Google Play gains popularity. I have to admit, it makes a lot of sense. There’s no money-making in iGoogle other than for Gadget developers. It makes business sense to remove iGoogle in hopes people migrate to the apps in Google Play.

What do you think?

Are you happy with this decision? Do you use iGoogle. Personally I’m not happy at all… it’s nice they give us 16-months to migrate. But migrate to what? There’s no comparable service. Horrible decision. They should have focused on making the product better and not screwed all the Gadget developers.